The Story

Mini Maaike Girls


Mini Maaike is the sparkly new baby of Designers Emilie & Abby from womenswear label Maaike and their gal pal and Graphic Designer Jess from Scizzorface, who has worked with them for almost 8 years on all Maaike's prints and web design. Emilie has the most adorable nieces Olivia and Grace across the land and sea in California who have been Mini Maaike trial babes from way back. Abby has one hell of a cute nephew Luka in Christchurch who will be in future Mini Maaike campaigns with his lush blonde curls and Jess is.... well... clucky! All three girls have wanted to create a kid's line of clothing for years that reflects the Maaike look while being completely unisex and good quality. Everything is made right here in Auckland, New Zealand to the highest standards and our hope is your Mini Maaike pieces will be passed down to siblings and friends and enjoyed for years to come.